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It’s Not Sound Unless It’s Safe

At McLaren Home Inspections, we are dedicated to providing knowledgeable home inspections that bring a home’s secrets to light, keeping prospective buyers informed and protected. A home is a multifaceted piece of construction, and regardless of how good it looks from any given vantage point, there are going to be some flaws—and sometimes these flaws aren’t noticeable to the untrained eye.

That’s where we come in, eagerly applying our training and experience to uncover potential safety issues and other defects that could become a financial hurdle for aspiring homeowners. Knowledge is the buyer’s edge, and we vow to help you better understand your future home’s condition so that you can make a sound decision.

Home Inspections With Certified Home Inspector John McLaren

All a Part of the Process

With 25+ years in the building trades, including experience as a licensed real estate broker, owner and inspector John McLaren is the premier choice for a home inspection that you can trust.

We put in the time to learn your needs, and then we take action—diagnosing issues in a home’s construction and proposing solutions that will help you make the best possible investment.

We are client-oriented, process-oriented, and detail-oriented—truly going the extra mile for every client to reduce the stress of this endeavor, and to usher in the relaxing days to come as a successful homeowner.

Sending Out Your Detailed Inspection Report in 24 Hours

We’ll have your full inspection report ready for you within just 24 hours of a completed home inspection. Every area of the property that we evaluated will be discussed in detail, with thorough explanations about any specific strengths or weaknesses that we identified in the home’s structures and installed systems. Photographs of the home, as well as videos, will be attached with relevant findings as necessary to further improve your understanding. We’re also happy to announce that all of our clients will be given access to the cutting-edge Create Request List™ (CRL)™ feature by HomeGauge.


The Create Request List™ (CRL)™

The CRL™ lets you keep track of your repair and project requests easier than ever before, and you can do it all directly from your inspection report.

You’ll be able to instantly transfer information from your inspection report to the customizable request list, selecting between options for repair, replacement, or reimbursement on any defective component’s item summary.

Create, edit, and finalize your request from virtually any device with an internet connection.

Home Inspection With Certified Home Inspector John McLaren

Proudly Serving Will County

We’re excited to be in a position to help you buy your next home, and we’re able to serve clients located throughout Will County and the surrounding area.

At McLaren Home Inspections, our trusted home inspection services will verify the quality of your prospective home’s construction, ensuring that all major systems operate smoothly, efficiently, and safely. Contact us today to request an inspection.

We have discounts available for active military, veterans, and first responders. Contact us for more information.

Weekend appointments are available when requested. We’re able to accept online payments for your convenience.